Improved Lab Technology Enhances Patient Care

MicroscopeWith thousands of specimens analyzed each day across the Edward-Elmhurst system, state-of-the-art technology is essential to process specimens quickly while ensuring accuracy. More

Why I Donate: Dr. David Yeh

David YehWhy is it that one person who has little can be happy and feel financially secure, whereas someone else who has achieved all her financial goals still feels as if she does not have enough? More

Why we joined the Edward Legacy Society

Nancy E. Hansen"My family's connection to Edward Hospital began around 1970 when we moved to Naperville. But it wasn't a good relationship—for years, we would travel to neighboring towns for our healthcare."  More

Wendy leaves a legacy with her heart of gold

Wendy YellinEach week, Wendy Yellin can be found visiting patients at Edward Hospital with a golden retriever at her side, one of four she’s had in the Animal Assisted Therapy program. When she began volunteering 11 years ago, she and her husband Norm were in the middle of raising three great kids. More

Peter will help others further their nursing education

Peter VeltPeter Veit worked diligently to put himself through school, eventually becoming an engineer. He vividly remembers the struggle it took to work, study, and pay for his education—long days and night studying and trying to make ends meet. Now, Peter wants to help others facing the same challenges. More